To answer this question, it is worth saying what ‘probate’ is.

When a person dies, their possessions (including money and property) have to be dealt with by whoever is named as executor in their Will. To be able to deal with the estate the executors must apply for a ‘Grant of Probate’ to get the necessary legal permission.

Most Wills need a Grant of Probate to be obtained, although if the value of the estate is less than £5,000 and doesn’t contain any property or shares, you are unlikely to need probate.

Once you have the Grant of Probate (which you can get yourself or through a probate firm, like Get Probate), you can choose to carry out the full probate process yourself. This process includes:

The Government website ( has some helpful advice and tips for you to follow to ensure you are doing everything correctly.

There are any people who do not feel comfortable dealing with probate themselves, especially at a time when a loved one has just passed. It can be too overwhelming and stressful. Instead of handling it themselves, they appoint someone who is authorised to provide probate services – such as Clarke Bell.

Appointing someone to take care of the full probate process for you does not mean that you give up your rights as executor. If you get Clarke Bell to help you, we would act as your ‘representative’ and simply handle the process on your behalf

Some people would like to appoint their Accountant, as they are aware of the deceased’s and their own finances. However, many Accountants do not have the necessary authorisation from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) to allow them to carry out probate services. So they need to appoint someone who does have this authorisation, such as Get Probate.

We can work alongside your Accountant for complete transparency and peace of mind.

Non-contentious probate vs contentious probate

Get Probate are authorised to carry out non-contentious probate services – i.e. where all the parties involved are working towards the same goal and there is no dispute or disagreement about the Will.

There are firms of unregulated ‘probate specialists’ but when dealing with a matter as sensitive and important as this, most people prefer to use a firm that is regulated by a professional body like the ICAEW.

Get Probate are authorised non-contentious probate practitioners and we offer a service that is far quicker and more affordable than most of the banks and solicitors provide.

If the Will and probate are contentious – i.e. there is a dispute between parties which often has to go through court proceedings – you will need a solicitor. (We can recommend a firm for you.)

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