The recent probate chaos which has seen a huge backlog of cases build up, is expected to be over later this summer, once the outstanding applications have been completed.

Applications for probate by solicitors rose dramatically in March at a rate of 22% (year on year) as solicitors tried to beat the proposed rise in probate fees that was planned to start in April (but was actually not implemented.)

At the peak of the probate crisis, applications from solicitors were taking up to eight weeks, a huge jump from the two weeks expected as standard.

But do you need to use a solicitor for probate?

Many people wrongly assume, through no fault of their own, that you need to do probate through a solicitor. This may be because sometimes, a solicitor will be named as an executor in the deceased’s Will. Which is typically done as part of that solicitor’s Will-writing service. However, this can be changed if you don’t want to use a solicitor and we can help you with that.

Some people prefer to use an accountant – they may have had a family accountant for years.  However, a lot of accountants are not authorised by the ICAEW to conduct probate work themselves.

Get Probate are authorised by the ICAEW to offer probate services for uncontentious Wills – which means you can use us to get the Grant of Probate for you. (You can also use our Full Probate service if you want us to handle the whole probate process for you). And we’ll work alongside your accountant ensuring you remain executor of the Will with us as your representative.

Why choose Get Probate?

There are many reasons to choose Get Probate to help you, either with the Grant of Probate or the Full probate process:

You no longer have to deal with a solicitor to obtain a Grant of Probate or for a Full Probate service. You can use an authorised company – like us. If you’d like more information about the probate services offered by Get Probate, contact us on 0161 907 4044 or